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Imagine freeing light from the physical cage of a product. This is the magical surprise achieved by Ivy, the latest innovative creation of Francisco Gomez Paz, continuing along the path of dematerialization of the light source. Body, light source, electrical systems, heat sinks: all the components of a lamp are summed up in a single element, a flexible printed circuit board in very thin, very light copper, which starts flat and takes on a three-dimensional volume thanks to a slight bend. These ethereal copper sheets rest on the wall with minimum contact, finding a hidden hook that supplies them with electricity. The inner surface is composed of high-efficiency LEDs that spread the light, projecting it uniformly on the wall and into the space. The combination of the various elements of different sizes generates a grouping of luminous, independent but complementary leaves that climb up the wall, following a logic similar to that of mushrooms on trees, or ivy on a brick wall.

Design Francisco Gomez Paz, 2017

Available models


Instruction sheet
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