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SpareBanken 1

Project overview

Arkidea and SR-Bank worked closely together to create a new banking experience in the bank’s existing flagship branch in Stavanger, Norway. The historical bank building (1962), located in the heart of the city, had been fully renovated to meet today’s requirements for light, air and general working conditions thereby creating an optimal working environment for employees. A central banking area with multi-functional workspaces allows for customers to experience a meeting place combining both, personal contact and technology. In this project it was essential to highlight the original architecture and to recreate features of the past, while considering future requirements. Silenzio suspensions by Luceplan, combining both quality of light and sound absorption, were the ideal choice to use in the banking arena over the semi-secluded niches that are destined for conversations between customers and tellers.

Project information




SpareBanken 1


Architect/Interior architect: Arkidea AS, Stavanger, Norway Interior fittings: Senab Eikeland & TreProsjekt, Stavanger, Norway

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