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Part of the Nui family, Nui mini translates its inspiration and design into a rechargeable table version. Offered in three colors for the top (white, greige and sand), it has a base in transparent glass that contributes to create a sophisticated game of reflections.

The use of the volumes is similar to that of the outdoor floor lamps, but in this case there is only one variant.

The lamp is also ideal for indoor settings.

Nui Mini is a product with its own identity, though it is part of a family, precisely because it can be used by private clients in a completely different, also domestic context.

Design Meneghello Paolelli, 2020

Available models


Instruction sheet
Nui-mini.pdfdownload file
3D Models
Nui-mini.dxfdownload file
Photometric Data
Nui-mini_A02R1.LDTdownload file

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